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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a timeshare offer?
What happens after I purchase a Vacation?
You will receive an email confirmation from your selected resort. This email will confirm your vacation getaway purchase, resort information, and Customer Service information if you have any unanswered questions about your vacation.
What is the resort preview presentation during my stay?
The resort you selected to stay at will schedule a time for you partake in a resort preview presentation during your stay which will feature the resorts amazing amenities. You must attend the 90-120 minute presentation but are under no obligation to purchase. We do ask that you keep an open mind and see if it would be something you and your family would enjoy!
Why do I have to pay a deposit?
When selected a resort to stay at, we ask that you please place a deposit to secure your room until your arrival.
What is your date change/cancellation policy?
It varies depending on the destination and resort you choose to stay at. We ask that if you are in -need of cancelling your package or rescheduling your dates that you please call our Customer Service at your earliest convenience at 844-877-8111.
How long do we have to use our vacation?
You have 18 months from that date of purchasing your getaway to choose your resort and book your travel dates!
Can we add nights to our vacation?
No, you cannot. If you have any further questions about this, you can always reach out to our Customer Service at 844-877-8111.
Do you provide airfare?
We do not provide airfare.
Do you provide transportation from the airport to the resort?
We do not provide transportation to/from the airport to the resort.
Can I bring another couple?
Most of the resorts offered do not encourage group travel as the vacations are intended for single families.
How many vacations can we purchase?
Currently you can only purchase one vacation every 6 months.
How do I qualify for this promotion?
This vacation package is valid for residents of the United States and Canada. If married or cohabiting, couples must have a minimum combined gross annual household income of US$50,000; one guest must be at least 26 years of age; must vacation and tour with spouse/partner; be employed or retired; carry an active credit card; present valid, permanent US government-issued IDs or passports from country of residence; and both guests must understand and speak English fluently. In addition, cohabiting couples must have IDs that have the same address. Singles must have a minimum gross annual income of US$60,000; be at least 28 years of age, be employed or retired; carry an active credit card; present valid, permanent US government-issued ID or passport from country of residence; and understand and speak English fluently. Full-time students are not eligible.

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